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You’ve taken the plunge, and are ready to move into your first apartment. Congratulations! But, mixed in with the excitement of getting into your new place are probably some questions like, Do I have everything I’m going to need? Read on for a few suggestions on getting started.

Furniture springs immediately to mind, but it doesn’t have to be expensive! Activate the friends and family network to find out if anyone has items you can clean up or re-condition. Check Craigslist and Facebook for inexpensive (or even free!) furnishings. And keep your eyes open for yard and estate sales—you never know what you might find!

Next, make sure you’re stocking up on cleaning supplies. Every home needs a broom and dustpan, right? Also get yourself window and bathroom cleaner, a good all-purpose surface cleaner, and maybe some cleaning cloths (though old clothing can be repurposed as rags if you want to recycle). Your kitchen needs dish soap, your laundry needs detergent, and your bathroom definitely needs a supply of tissue and a toilet brush.

Lastly, don’t forget to make your new space your own! Spring for colorful towels, sheets, and pillowcases. Wall hangings can be found everywhere—from your local big box store to antique and thrift stores. And make sure to personalize with family photos—photo frames are easy to come by at the local dollar store. Add a few kitchen staples and some cookware, and you are ready to get down to apartment life!

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