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Filled with everything from tiny measuring spoons to giant cast iron Dutch ovens, the kitchen can be challenging to pack. Factor in the fact that you will probably be using your kitchen up until the day you leave and you may have a real dilemma on your hands. Here are a few tips to get you started.

First, let’s be real: from your drinking glasses to your grandmother’s antique china, your kitchen is full of breakable items. You are going to want to spend extra time and money making sure you have all the materials you need to keep your kitchen items safe until unpacking them in your new home. Specialized glassware boxes, paper for wrapping delicate dishware, and lots of bubble wrap for insulating your favorite cookware all need to be incorporated.

Next, set aside a small functional kitchen setup, like you might use in a camper. Designate everything else for packing, and restrict your meal prep for now to using just the minimum cookware required. You can break out all the exotic cookware for your welcome home dinner in your new place.

Also, make sure you are planning for kitchen appliances. Everything from your fridge to your immersion mixer needs to be carefully wrapped, packed, and labeled so you can find them later. A little planning now will save you lots of time and potentially money by avoiding replacement costs for expensive kitchen gadgets.
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