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As you prepare for the big day, you may be a bit overwhelmed by the amount of stuff you are going to have to move. Instead of moving things you may not actually need, why not hold a garage sale? You’ll turn those items into cash and have less to pack and unpack. Here’s how to prepare for a successful garage sale.

Make sure everyone knows the garage sale is happening. Don’t just put up cardboard signs! Put an ad on Craigslist, use Facebook Marketplace, and put the info out on your social media channels to make sure friends and relatives can help spread the word.

When pricing, make sure you are realistic. If you’re unsure, visit a few garage sales in the weeks before yours. Remember, the goal is to not have to pay to ship these items. Price accordingly.

On the day of the sale, make sure you’ve prepped with plenty of small bills and change. Early in the day move out and put up signs in the busier intersections around your home. And make sure your sale is organized, with clear prices, similar items kept together, and “big-ticket” items near the street to draw customers in.

Lastly, keep sight of your goal—the idea is to reduce the number of items you eventually have to move. So price aggressively. Put together a “Free” box to encourage people to keep looking at the other items. And, most importantly, make the agreement with yourself that any items you don’t sell will be donated after the sale is over!

If you would like a no-obligation quote about moving your (now reduced) household, contact GreenLight Movers today and take another item off your to-do list!