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With moving day getting closer, it becomes increasingly important to make a decision: Am I going to get some professionals to handle the labor and stress of the move, or am I going to save some money by handling it myself? Before making a final decision, it would be beneficial to understand that doing it yourself may cost you more than you think.

First, you’re going to need a truck either way. If you decide to rent a truck, be aware that rental costs are more than you expect. There is, of course, the daily rate for renting the truck. But you will also be responsible for a surcharge for each mile that you drive. You also have to factor in the price of fuel—rental trucks are anything but fuel-efficient!

You’ve probably already purchased a supply of bubble wrap, packing tape, and moving boxes. What you don’t have are expensive items like a moving dolly, moving blankets, and plastic wrap. These items can all be major time and labor savers, and a moving company already has them.

Lastly, labor: Do you use friends and relatives to help you load up? Or do you exhaust your whole family getting the truck ready and then have to drive to your destination? And who unloads when you get to your new home? Remember—tired people make mistakes. And mistakes can be very expensive when moving heavy and expensive items.

If you’ve decided to at least investigate the price of hiring professionals, congratulations. Greenlight Movers will be happy to chat with you about getting a no-obligation quote for your move so you can compare the real costs of doing it yourself. Contact GreenLight today.