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Moving is stressful and expensive enough without incurring additional expenses during the move. Unfortunately, one of the most common “oops” moments is damaging the refrigerator during the process of the move. Here are a few tips to avoid screwing up your fridge while moving.

Start by emptying and cleaning your fridge. Once empty, defrost the fridge if necessary, then clean with warm water and dish soap. After cleaning, unplug the fridge and leave the door propped open so that you don’t wind up with mold inside.

Next, remove your interior shelves and drawers, wrap them in packing material, and pack them in clearly labeled boxes. Then close the fridge and secure the door. You can use tape for this, but bungee cords or packing straps will also work and won’t leave tape residue on the doors.

Now the tricky part—the moving dolly. Be extra careful loading the fridge on the dolly—this is really a two-person job. Next, measure your fridge, then measure your doorways to plan your route. Remove doors entirely if you have to—this usually involves just knocking out two hinge pins.

Make sure that your path to the truck is clear, that your ramps and lifts are lowered, and take it slow and easy, stopping if you need to periodically. Once inside the truck, pad the area around the fridge with moving blankets, then secure it so it doesn’t shift in transit. Now, all that awaits you is doing this all in reverse at your destination!

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