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Prepping for a move involves endless planning and permutations. From antiques to electronics, everything seems to need special care. But one frequently overlooked aspect of packing is this—how do I take care of my shoes?

It isn’t as odd a consideration as it might first appear. Lots of footwear, especially ladies’ high-end shoes, can be very expensive, and easy to damage. And, in general, shoes are big, bulky, and not shaped for standard packing boxes.

First, evaluate your shoe collection. Is there anything that could be sold or donated? Remember—anything not in your house doesn’t have to be packed and moved! Take the opportunity to make some extra money, or help out those in need.

Next, give your footwear a good cleaning. Stuff the shoes with packing paper (not newspaper—the print will stain your footwear). Sort your shoes into categories, and keep similar types of shoes together. Then wrap your shoes with the same bubble wrap you’ve been using for china and artwork. This will keep the shoes from getting scuffed or torn while jostling around in transit.

Lastly, start packing! Get a medium sized-box (anything larger will be too heavy when full). Layer your heavier shoes like hiking boots at the bottom, with lighter pairs like sandals and flip-flops at the top. Don’t overpack, leave a little space at the top of each box. And don’t forget to leave out at least a couple of pairs for you to use during and immediately after the move!

GreenLight Movers know the ins and outs of moving everything from delicate electronics to high-end footwear. If you have any questions about prepping for the big day or would like a quote to let their professionals handle your move for you, contact them today.