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One of the best things you can do for yourself as you prepare for your move is to at least look into a moving company. Hiring professionals will remove the #1 source of headaches and unexpected costs associated with moving from one home to another. But this begs the question—how do I pick the right moving company?

The first thing you are looking for in a moving company is reliability. Know someone who hired a moving company? Find out what their experience was like! Also, do some research on the internet at sources like Yelp and Angie. Look for positive reviews, great word of mouth from people you trust, and membership in professional associations like the National Association of Professional Movers (NAOPM) or the United States Movers Association (USMA).

Next, reach out to some movers. Your movers should have great customer service when fielding your call or email. They should be more than happy to talk about their number of years in business, licensure by the DOT, and be happy to meet with you to talk about your upcoming move without making you feel pressured or uncomfortable.

Lastly, take a look at the dollars and cents. Your moving company should have transparent rates and professional insurance coverage. They should be priced similarly to others in your city, but willing to provide you with specialized or customized services (like auto transport, or short-term storage) if you are interested. And they should show up for appointments and return calls when they commit—the last thing you need is a moving company that cancels on you at the last minute.

GreenLight Movers have lots of happy customers to show for their years in business. If you would like a no-obligation quote about your unique situation, contact them today and take that worry off your mind!