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The day has arrived! After months of preparation, it’s time to finally bid farewell to your current home and head to your new adventure! So, what can you expect out of your big day?

First, make one last check. You’ve probably done this half a dozen times already, but go over the list one more time. Have you emptied all rooms, closets, and the attic? Have you made arrangements for your utilities, both at your current home and your new home? Do you have your “go bag” filled with prescriptions, important paperwork, and everything else you’ll need to have the first day like basic bathroom supplies, towels, and sheets?

If traveling with kids or pets, make sure they are comfortable and as secure as they can be. Bring toys, snacks, and a positive attitude—your stress will add to theirs, creating a cycle that can wind up in blowups and hostilities. (Instead, relax—treat it as an adventure for everyone!)

Upon arrival, get organized! Show your movers (whether professional or family) where to place items as they are being moved into the new house. Be aware of corners, doorways, and flooring that could be damaged, and take special care to avoid breaking something on your first day. Go slowly—you are tired and ready to be done, but rushing will only lead to mistakes.

Lastly, make sure that everything critical is working. Check your outlets before moving heavy items in front of them. Learn how to turn off your water, HVAC, and electrical system. Also, check that all of your keys work.

GreenLight Movers are one of the best-regarded moving companies around and for good reason. If you have any questions about prepping for the big day or would like a quote to let their professionals handle your move for you, contact them today.