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The days leading up to a move may seem like an inconvenient time to be concerned about one’s carbon footprint. There are so many other things to think about that “going green” might not even occur to you. But your move is an excellent opportunity to do your part to contribute to eco-friendly solutions.

First, and most importantly, is planning. Nothing wastes more time and energy than running around frantically at the last minute. Organize the items that are being moved, donating or selling items you don’t need to take. Get all the supplies you need at once, rather than guessing and then shopping multiple times. Planning will reduce the energy used for your move by a substantial margin.

Packing materials are another area for potential waste savings. Consider packing supplies made from recycled materials or re-use supplies that are available from friends or neighbors. Boxes can be used multiple times before being no longer suited for moving—investigate the options for getting previously used boxes. And look around your home—your kids’ rooms, your seasonal storage, and your garage are all sources for potential unused (or under-used) containers that can be repurposed for moving.

Lastly, consider a moving company rather than doing it yourself. Having the job handled all at once in a single vehicle, even a large one like a moving van will vastly reduce the resources being used over making multiple trips in smaller vehicles or enlisting a large group of friends and family members, each in their own car. 

At GreenLight Movers, we are always interested in assisting you with making your move as comfortable and efficient as possible. Contact us today for a quote on your move, and reduce the energy being used to arrive in your new location——and your stress level at the same time.