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Each industry, it seems, has its very own language—full of insider terms, acronyms, and baffling phrases that make no sense to the uninitiated. Moving is no different. If you are trying to make heads or tales of what you are reading online or what your moving company is telling you, here are a few key phrases to get you started.

Bill of Lading: The contract with your carrier, receipt for your goods, and details of the origination and destination of your goods. Also, what you sign to note that your items have been loaded and released to the carrier for shipment.

Bulky Article: Your piano, car, boat, or other large items that require special handling by the moving company. Usually accompanied by a surcharge.

Declared value: The financial value of the possessions being shipped by the moving company. Most importantly: the maximum liability for damage to a shipment of items.

Extra pick-up/Extra Stop: Additional points other than the origination and destination on the Bill of Lading. Items being picked up or dropped off at a storage facility, for example.

Gross weight: Weight of the moving vehicle after all items are loaded. Contrasted with “tare weight,” the weight of the vehicle before your goods are loaded.

High-value article: Items within a shipment that are valued at more than $100/pound.

Storage In Transit (S.I.T.)/Permanent Storage: Your household goods are stored temporarily during transit or indefinitely after transit by the carrier.

At GreenLight Movers, we speak the language of moving and can help you understand and translate words or phrases you aren’t familiar with. Contact us today with your lingo questions, and to get a free quote on your move.