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Packing for a move seems fairly straightforward…until you do it. As the move date gets closer, you find forgotten “heirlooms,” deteriorating boxes, and oddly shaped items. And where did all these breakables come from?

The best thing you can do is start early. Begin by packing seasonal items like holiday decorations or clothing you only wear during certain seasons such as sweaters or swimsuits, for example. Guest rooms, the garage, and the back of your closets are also likely candidates for early packing, or even for a garage sale or trip to the local donation center.

Get all your packing materials together and leave them in one place. It is much easier to have one central location than it is to constantly be looking for the bubble wrap or the scissors. Also, be sure to identify the items that are not to be packed—like medications and important paperwork—and keep them in a safe area where they will not be packed inadvertently. Remember to not pack hazardous materials—your moving company has a list of things that should not be packed.

Fragile items should be wrapped in bubble wrap or tissue paper. Hardware for disassembled items should be placed in a bag and then taped to the item they belong to. Make sure that all spillable items are sealed in boxes clearly marked “This Side Up.” Dishes, glasses, and fragile artwork should all be placed within boxes designed for those items. And always remember to pack heavy items like books in smaller boxes for easier handling—no box should be heavier than 50 pounds.

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