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When packing up years’ worth of household goods, it is common to come across an item that makes you ask “Can I even ship that?” As it turns out, the answer may be “Probably not.”

Moving companies have an extensive list of items that can not be handled during the packing and shipping process. Some of them just make common sense: Pets, for example, can’t be shipped, and hopefully for obvious reasons. However, there are a few other items that may catch you off-guard when getting things packed and ready to be moved to your new home. Here are a few examples.

Firearms, explosives, and flammable items can’t be handled by your shipping company. These items represent a safety hazard, and shipping companies are restricted from moving most of them by federal law. If it can go “boom” or “bang,” you’re probably going to have to make other arrangements.

Perishables (including alcohol!) also are generally not allowed as part of your moving manifest either. Make sure you contact local friends or relatives and just donate the contents of your fridge to them instead of trying to figure out a way to put them on the moving truck.

Medications are also on the list, but most people want to stay close to their daily regimen of prescribed medications anyway. It is best to make arrangements to safely dispose of old drugs anyway. Contact your pharmacy for more information before you hit the road.

The list goes on, and can be quite extensive! Make sure you contact your moving company for their full list, as it can vary from state to state and even company to company. GreenLight Movers can answer any of your questions about the non-allowable list. Feel free to contact them before packing up that baseball card collection (hint: you probably shouldn’t).