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Moving is always hectic, and frequently stressful as well. The last thing you need to be worried about is if you picked the right moving company. Here are a few questions to ask that will reassure you that you’ve picked the right company for the job.

What, exactly, can I expect to pay?
Reputable moving companies will have a “freight rate” – a rate for moving items per pound moved, multiplied by the number of miles traveled. Local movers may charge a per-hour rate, but generally, you are looking for the equation of weight times milage for anything other than small moves within a few miles. Make sure you get an idea of potential additional fees that might appear later in the process. And always get your quote in writing!

Is insurance available?
Real life happens, and the moving business is no different from any other industry. Most moving companies will offer additional insurance coverage to protect your goods while in transit. Make sure you weigh carefully the cost of the insurance coverage against the value of the items being hauled, and also check to see if your home owner’s policy covers damages or breakage.

How about packing and storage?
Hate the idea of needing to pack everything yourself? Would you like the opportunity to take extra time to get organized on either end of the move? Many moving companies will offer packing services, special “white-glove” handling of fragile or collectible items, and even storage solutions for your household goods.

GreenLight Movers can handle your move whether across town or across the country. Contact them with these questions or to request your free quote.