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Packing for a move is fairly straightforward, right? Use small boxes for books, larger boxes for heavier items, wrap the television in bubble wrap, and pack the frames and mirrors by…how do you pack mirrors and picture frames, exactly? So they don’t arrive at your new home as unassembled jigsaw puzzles, that is.

Luckily, with a little planning, some time, and the right supplies, you can pack your breakable wall hangings like a pro.

First, you need the right supplies. Remember the bubble wrap I mentioned earlier? You’ll need some of that. You will also want glassine paper or bags and wall hanging boxes designed to insulate mirrors and frames. Along with these, you might want to get corner protectors to insulate the sharp edges of your wall art. If you’ll be removing posters or prints you will also want to make sure you get shipping tubes to roll your artwork up inside so that it won’t get frayed or torn. And don’t forget packing tape and a Sharpie.

Anything with glass, whether a mirror or frame, needs a layer of bubble cushioning and glassine over the glass. Wrap packing paper around the entire object, then add corner protectors if you are using them. Tape everything up, then load it into your art box. Insulate the interior with more bubble wrap so that nothing can shift during transit. Lastly, tape it up securely, and label the exterior of the box as “Fragile,” in large, easy-to-read text. Make sure you don’t label only one side of the box. Smaller picture frames and photos can have multiple pieces loaded into smaller boxes, but make sure you are still insulating between each item before sealing and labeling!

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