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Moving can be a bit chaotic. But the good news is missing boxes, damaged items, and endless headaches can be minimized with just a few tips.

In the hustle and bustle preceding a move, it is easy to get a little…scattered. You know, throw some things in a box in the kitchen, pack some seasonal wear in the bedroom, start taking pictures off the wall in the spare room. This is actually going to work against you. You’d be much better off picking a room and working on it until all the non-essentials are ready to be handed to the movers, then moving on to the next room.

Next, you’ve got LOTS of space on the outside of your moving boxes to note what’s in them. But we write things like “Bedroom”, or “Misc” on our boxes. This means that, upon arrival, we have NO idea where anything is. Take a few seconds and write an inventory on the side of your moving boxes. It makes it much easier when you’re looking for the blender or the bath towels later.

Lastly, and maybe most importantly, make sure the things you need the MOST are the last things on the moving truck. That way they are among the first items to come off the truck. Medications, paperwork, and the first couple of days’ worth of clothing will then be the first things that come off the truck, so you aren’t frantically looking through 90% of your possessions trying to find the things you need right now.

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