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Boxes. They are the bane of the moving process: you never have enough of them, and when you do finally get all you need, you have nowhere to put them. They can also be very expensive to buy, which is a little annoying for an item you will (hopefully) use once and then dispose of. Here’s some ideas on places to get free moving boxes when you decide to make your move.

Believe it or not, your local grocery store or big box store are actually still decent locations for getting free boxes, if you aren’t picky about sizes. The trick is to ask a member of management when the best time to get them is—frequently boxes are immediately broken down and recycled after being emptied, so it is important to be around at a good time to pick them up.

Still need more? Just about everywhere, there is a community Facebook group. These are great opportunities to ask for people’s previously used moving boxes that may now be just empty and sitting around their house taking up space. Put a request out there and see what comes back!

In the event that looking around for extra free moving boxes still doesn’t quite get you as many as you need, you can relax. GreenLight Movers is happy to set you up with however many you need, at a reasonable price. They’re also ready to help you plan and execute your move. Contact them today at https://www.glmovers.com/ for a no-obligation quote on your move!