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Are you moving long-distance or abroad and need to store your belongings for a while? It can be hard to pack away your entire home for an indefinite amount of time, which is why we created this handy checklist to help simplify the process.

First of all, you need to make sure that you choose suitable packing materials. Sometimes, you don’t know how long your items will be sitting in storage, so this is not the time to go cheap. Quality packing material will protect your items from moisture and dust accumulation.

Second, you need to inventory everything that needs to be stored and then weigh your list against any storage restrictions. This lets you see if there are any items you need to sell instead of keep (a propane BBQ might be one) and gives you an idea of your space restrictions.

Third, you need to take apart large items to create more space for storage and protect them better. For instance, it can be hard to protect a table due to the odd shaps of the legs, but it is easy to wrap four legs and one large tabletop.

Finally, you need to consider the value of what you are storing and choose alternative arrangements for anything of high value. Things can happen over time, especially if you are not around to check-in. If something has a high physical or sentimental value, it might be better to leave it with a trusted friend or family member.

When you are ready to move your items into storage, call GreenLight Movers. We offer moving and storage services. Our professional moving team is always ready to help.