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Moving can be an exciting time, but it’s also stressful. There’s plenty to do, from packing to changing your utilities over to the new home. Plus, don’t forget to change your address! While many people mostly communicate via email, texting, or social media, you still need to have the correct address on file for package deliveries, registered mail, and other letters.

Here are the most important people to notify when you move.

State and Federal Agencies

The post office. They’ll have a change of address form that you can complete at the office or online. Your mail will be forwarded for at least 12 months after you change your address. Next, contact the IRS and your state tax agency. They’ll need to send your important tax documents, and often, W-2s and other forms don’t get forwarded.

Finally, contact the Social Security Administration, so that you keep any benefits you’re receiving.

Billing and Shopping Companies

Don’t forget to contact your bank, credit card company, and loan providers. You may be able to make changes online, but all of your financial institutions need your correct address too.

Your Employer

Even if your checks are direct-deposited and even if you mostly communicate in person or via email, they’ll need your current address to fill out your tax forms correctly.

Do You Need Help with Your Move?

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