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Moving is a necessary evil that is part of life. Sooner or later, you will need to pack up your home and move. While it is never enjoyable, you can help make it more affordable by choosing the right time of year to do so. Believe it or not, booking a moving company on weekdays, in the winter, or for flexible dates are all great ways to help streamline your moving costs.

Winter is a great time to move if you want to reduce costs as it is considered the off-season for most moving companies. Summer vacation is the preferred time for moves involving families with children, college students, and people whose jobs depend on the academic calendar. People moving to Houston from seasonal locations also avoid the winter, which means you can save money by opting for a winter move.

Picking a weekday move-out or move-in date is another great way to reduce your moving costs. Most people want to move over weekends because they are convenient, but if you can manage to take a few days off work, you can save some serious money by opting for a weekday. Many times you will receive the same services, but without premium fees.

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