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Worried about packing up all your junk when you move? Purging some of that can take away a great deal of stress and help you move clutter-free into your next Houston home. Just because your junk drawer, table basket, or bathroom cabinets are a mess doesn’t mean you need to scoop up and transfer that mess to the next locale.

Instead, get a bit liberal with what goes in the toss pile and free yourself from miles of clutter. Start with the easy stuff like old, worn furniture and unused kitchen appliances and follow one simple rule: If you haven’t worn it in the last two years, then pitch it. Chances are, if you haven’t used it by now, you won’t in the next two years.

Then move on to harder categories like clothing and accessories. It can be tempting to hold onto things with that “someday” goal, but unless you are hoarding maternity clothes, that “someday” is likely never going to come, and instead, you will end up with a cluttered and cramped closet.

Finally, head into your kitchen and clean out everything you probably won’t eat. It’s easy to hoard snacks and canned foods, but they can be a pain to move and an even bigger pain if you temporarily plan to use a storage unit. Drop these items off at a food kitchen and streamline your move while helping your neighbors.

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