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Stressed out over moving? It may seem like there are millions of tasks ahead of you, but there are also some that probably don’t deserve your attention. Here are a few of the top moving mistakes and what you should do instead.

The first two mistakes have to do with packing: packing too much into one box or skipping out on labels. Packing too much into one box won’t save you much money and will result in a giant mess if the box bursts open. 

Second, when you have 50 boxes in your living room, you will kick yourself if they are not labeled. Labeling allows you to have boxes delivered directly into their new location, which will save you a lot of tears down the road.

The third mistake is procrastination. It does not take one week to pack up a home. Sometimes it takes more than two weeks. Don’t wait until the last moment to wait for the urge to hit you. Start packing slowly but surely or hire a professional packing service to handle the task for you.

Finally, the last mistake is choosing the first moving service you see on Google. It pays to do your research and make sure you hire a reputable mover. They will be handing your entire life over the course of your move, and it pays to spend a bit of time researching them first.

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