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Holding a moving sale can earn you a few bucks and help you simplify your life. Whether you’re moving due to a job, downsizing, or getting ready to move into your forever home, a moving sale should be part of your moving process.

First, be sure to check your local regulations for a moving sale. Some cities require a permit, while others restrict the types of items you can sell. Once you’ve gotten that settled, it’s time to choose a date. Some neighborhoods host community-wide garage sales, and if you’re able to have yours that same weekend, you’ll likely get a lot more customers.

Second, set a date. If you aren’t in an area with community-wide garage sales, look at local events before you set your date. A holiday weekend may give you one additional day to sell your items while scheduling your garage sale on a day with rain forecasted, or on the same day as a big local event may mean that you get few customers.

Third, gather your items and price them. As you’re packing to move, sort your items into “keep,” “trash,” and “sell.” When you’re ready for the moving sale, then you’ll have everything already gathered. When you price your stuff, make sure that you aren’t over-pricing due to sentimentality. And, check around other garage sales to see how other people price items for a reference.

Finally, don’t forget to market your sale. Place an ad on social media, and make sure that your signs are large enough for passing cars to read. Bright colors and balloons also attract more attention.

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